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McCord Cemetery

Save our Heritage at McCord Cemetery

Irving, Illinois

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Federal Lands

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Federal Lands

Discover historic McCord Cemetery (established in 1835) and the final resting place of pioneers.

This website is dedicated to the lives of hardworking pioneers who journeyed to the rich farm lands of Illinois to raise families. They lived simply. Their lives were rich in triumphs but marred with losses. Many of their stories can be interpreted from their grave markers.

This site is under development but there is plenty to explore now. The veteran’s list contains the service information and photographs of the headstones marking the graves of eighteen brave soldiers who served in five wars, from the American Revolution to the Korean War. The inscription list is my transcription of the grave markers. See the “Coming Soon” section on the right for upcoming features.

Stories in Stone

community  leaders

Rev. Joel Knight died in 1876 at the age of 79 after serving as a minister of the gospel for 54 years.  

Brothers William and John Bostick enlisted in Co. B of the 117th Illinois Infantry. They died three weeks apart in 1863.

Infants share a tablet marker on which the following is inscribed: Sleep on sweet/babes and take thy/rest.

baby sisters

Civil War soldiers

Burials include...


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