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Land Records

Original land owner, deeds, surveys, 1874 historic plat map, & more

McCord Cemetery

Save our Heritage at McCord Cemetery

Irving, Illinois

Copyright January 2010 Jeanne Johnson

Introduction to History

From a neighborhood burial ground for pioneers to the cemetery today

Introduction to History
Introduction to Land Records
Introduction to Land Records

This plat map was designed from a hand-drawn diagram of the cemetery that is stored at the local county courthouse. The director of the nearby Irving Area Historical Museum, Lemar Hartman, has been very helpful in locating it and other cemetery association records. Interment books and other sexton records are not known to exist.


The cemetery is divided into two sections, or “blocks.” Block 1 has no interments (it is vacant) and sits at the “front” of the cemetery. It  faces east towards  McCord Trail, the public road in front of the cemetery.

Plat Map


Plat Map of McCord Cemetery

Copyright 2009

Jeanne Johnson

Some cemetery lots are identified  by handwritten names in the original document and these are included on the modern plat map. Whether these are lot owners or interments is not known. The date that the original document was created and who created it is unknown.